Laying hens and chicken tractors!

This is one amazing mama… I think she raised 3 batches of chicks last year!

I was just sent this info on a workshop coming up in Amherst, at Simple Gifts Farm, and it sounds pretty good.ย  I noticed today they moved their way-cool “chicken tractor” up close to the road. Thought maybe some of you would be interested… they will teach about chicken tractors and even sell some coops (pre-ordered) and already-laying hens!

Workshop on raising laying hens being offered by Dave Tepfer of Simple Gifts Farm.

Homes for Hens Workshop
Saturday, April 3 from 10:00am-1:00pm
at Simple Gifts & NACF Farm in North Amherst 1089 North Pleasant St.

More information and to sign-up the website is:

This community-oriented program is sponsored by NACF, SGF and Amherst Farmer’s Supply.

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