Farmstand and insulated beds

Farmstand OPEN

We had a couple of great OPEN farmstand days, selling lots of carrots, onions and spinach, even jerusalem artichokes and eggs! It was really nice to get to know our community!

People sampled (and some bought to take home) tea as well, Minty Morning, made from our spearmint, nettles and oats, with alfalfa and calendula. A very GREEN, tasty tea, even most kids like!  And did I mention we have amazing potting soil for sale? It is approved for certified organic growers, has worm castings, and Keith says it is the best potting soil we’ve ever used! $11/bag.

We’ll be open again THIS SATURDAY, March 27, 9-2

We will have some carrots, lots of onions and sunchokes, eggs, tea, salves, spinach, and finally a lettuce/asian greens/kale salad mix! Soon we will have broccoli, kale and lettuce plants for sale for people that like to get their plants in early.

Insulated Beds

In our greenhouse we have insulated beds. Insulation on the bottom, sides and at night-time on the top. This allows us to have 60-70 degree soil temperature in the beds as opposed to 40-50 degree soil temperature in the greenhouse. Here are pictures of lettuce grown in and out of insulated beds (in the greenhouse) for comparison:

This is also where our tomato starts are, as well as some newly planted summer squash and cucumbers! Come by if you have any questions, but it’s easy :

Dig out a bed, put rigid foam insulation on the bottom and standing up for sides, slowly fill in with 8 inches of good soil on top, being careful not to move the sides off the bottom piece (so the top fits on with no gaps). Now plant!

(Note in the picture above the lettuces of the tomatoes – we’ve starting taking that south-side off as well during the day for greater solar gain – both for the plants and so the soil can really warm up when the sun is out).

The greenhouse is really getting filled up, lucky we’ve dug out all the carrots so we have a big bed to plant more!

Hope to see you Saturday!

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