Easter Egg Natural Dyes and Lettuce!

Herb Mentor is a website that teaches about herbs and everything from salve-making to elderberry wine and ginger-beer-making!  All stuff that I hope to have in the future, too, as this is what I love… But there are talks from amazing, knowledgeable herbalists and you can sign up for a monthly fee of $10 I think to do a home-study, “course”. It’s pretty neat. This is the post they sent out this week for dying eggs naturally… too good not too share…

HerbMentor News Issue 49: Easter Egg Natural Dyes Revisited.

I’ve always wondered exactly how to dye eggs with vegetables but never found any recipes, and our experiments never seemed to last too long… if at all. We definitely have enough eggs and I’ll be trying this with the kids this week! I wonder if yellow onion skins will make a blue-green Aurucana egg grass-green? (We have onion skins you can pick up this Saturday from 9-2 when we’re open if you need ’em…)

So carrots are officially gone, but lettuce is in! We don’t have a ton, so come early!  We will begin picking Red Sails lettuce, the nice huge leaves, that were growing in the insulated beds (notice I said “were” because they officially outgrew the bed and the rigid foam had to be removed). We still have lots of onions and beautiful spinach, some say the best they’ve ever had… And lettuce plants should be ready by Saturday for daring individuals ready to plant! The weather should be nice…

I’ll probably make a tea for sampling – maybe Lighten Up! with lemon verbena, milky oats & oatstraw, calendula and lemon balm. Come by for some tea, veggies and a tour of the greenhouse!

Happy Passover and Easter!


  1. A very appealing blog.
    I won’t be there this Saturday, but I am Still enjoying those beautiful, undulating spinach leaves from my last visit.
    Be well,

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