A (busy) week of photos

View of the Quabbin Valley from my treetop

Since I knew we had a busy week with such warm weather, I started by waking up REALLY early, climbing to the top of a big hemlock, and watching the sunrise before the morning breakfast-school-rush. This morning ritual stretches out my body, quiets my brain and fills me up for the day. I highly recommend tree climbing for adults (kids just know it’s good for them)…it’s actually my most productive back therapy. Even my chiropractor (who I rarely need to see anymore) has taken up his favorite childhood activity of tree-climbing again! Find a favorite tree and get to know it, start slowly if your afraid of heights (like me)! Just hold on tight and trust yourself.

I just had to show you the close-up of the hills and valleys…

red maple buds about to burst

I got to see the Red Maple buds just before they BURST open, causing chaos in my sinuses (one of my few allergens).

After 3 days of sneezing and dripping, a session of acupuncture set me straight…

peas and favas sprouting in the sink

So back to work… we pre-sprouted AND planted all our peas and fava beans (outside in beds). They needed lots of watering in the hot weather, but are officially “up” and on their way!

salamanders under water

After all that work planting peas (and lettuce, spinach, arugula, kale….) we went to relax at the pond, take a cold dip, float on the raft, and check on our goldfish and salamander friends. I had been watching one salamander with my camera when this other one snuck up to check him out!Β  I’ve never seen salamanders mate before but I think that’s the best way to describe what happened next…

heat tubing around the tomatoes

Back to work! We installed pex-tubing on either side of the tomatoes for some radiant heat… since it’s going down to 32 degrees F tonight! The soil temp at 7 pm was 65 degrees! These tubes hook up to a main tube at the end of the row, which is connected to our outdoor wood boiler. Hot water gets circulated through the tubes and keeps everyone toasty and alive! We put flats of tomatoes and peppers (for sale in May/ June!) on top to hold it down and in place, and give them some extra heat.

Notice the hanging racks for extra space…

getting crowded...

As you can see space is filling up! Those are supposed to be walking paths~ where you may have walked with me when we went in the greenhouse to pick your spinach or lettuce~ now they are (almost) covered with flats of baby herbs, flowers and veggies. And those ARE tomatoes planted in between the huge lettuces…

Keith calls this “Intensive Planting”. Lettuce doesn’t mind a little shade… so we have 3-inch pots of broccoli plants in between the young lettuces. If that wasn’t enough, this warm week allowed us to get most of our greenhouse tomatoes in early, so we are interplanting them down the middle of each bed! See those two up there?Our last exciting news is that the aphids we just realized we recently “acquired” are under control now because of the 1,500 ladybugs we purchased and set free in the greenhouse! Wow, do they eat… and the larvae supposedly will eat even more…

I like the hairs on the tomato plant above. Each tiny hair looks white from the dew.

These are your future onions, each covered in silver beads of dew! What a way to reflect more light onto yourself when it’s cloudy out. These will be planted out this coming week… And imagine, all that beauty, every day, and every bit, of beauty all these plants have, will be going in to our bodies to nourish every bit of us! Have you heard of Mr. Emoto and his water crystal studies? Pretty amazing…

Sparrow resting

So that’s about all for the week. Today we rested (after we put in a couple more beds of radiant heat tubes) and watched the sparrows and other birds at the feeder. This one is resting on one of the peach trees, which are budding out and will hopefully give us a nice crop of delicious fruit this year…

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you Saturday 9-2 for veggies.

See available produce list below on the post before this. Happy Spring!


  1. Love the pic of the Quabbin from the top of your tree (brave girl). Sunrise is always so beautiful there. πŸ™‚

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