Transition Town movie

This very important film will be playing at the Shutesbury Town Hall:

“In Transition” A short film showing how citizens can organize
themselves and cooperatively begin the transition from fossil-fuel dependence, climate change
and economic instability to community resilience. April 19, Monday – Shutesbury Town Hall
Downstairs – 7-9 pm. Group discussion following the movie.

You can also view it online at

This is the PDF flyer the town sent (in case you are not on the town email or live out of town!)


There are a number of towns coming together to talk about this – it’s pretty amazing! Conway and Shelburn I think are working on it. Hope you can make it!  The discussion should be pretty good…

And I want to thank everyone that came to our farmstand “event” (as one child called it). It was so fun – so many people knew each other and the kids ran around and played like they had known each other forever!  We’re going to stick with Wednesdays 10-6 and Saturdays 9-3… sounds like those days work for people. (Let us know if they don’t work for you and you need veggies and we’ll work out another time).

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