strawberries, starts and a slideshow

Our strawberry harvest from last year - into the freezer!

Hi everyone! It’s been crunch-time with lots of planting outside ~ We got in most of our 2,000 strawberries for next year’s crop (pick-your-own hopefully), all of our red and yellow storage onions (thousands), weeded the peas and seeded in lots more lettuce, kale, broccoli, collards, dill… and many more in 6-packs for selling at the Shutesbury Farmers Market starting May 22nd (and here too as they are ready!)

Now we have beautiful Red Sails and Mixed Lettuce 6-packs (starts), ready almost to eat, but certainly to be planted right away… they don’t mind these chilly nights! Also our Broccoli (Arcadia, Tendergreen and Fiesta) plants are getting huge and are really ready, same with the Tuscan Lacinato (Dino) Kale. The other brassicas (cabbage, collards, brussel sprouts…), basil and other herbs, flowers and tomatoes will be ready in a couple more weeks.

Wednesdays (12-6) have been picking up and Saturdays (9-3) have been great fun! We’ll add more days as more produce comes available. Thanks to everyone who is making our farmstand part of your regular routine ~ and to everyone spreading the word! Many of you are bringing your own bags or reusing your bags from the week before – thanks, that’s great for us and of course much better for the Earth (even though ours are compostable)!

Have a great week! Oh yeah, and we added a new “PHOTOS” tab on the site (click here) that is a slideshow of some of our favorite farm photos. It has a few from last year and a few from this year (so far). Hope you enjoy it!

Have a great week and remember to breathe…

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