Olive oil – more info

I forgot to mention it is Olea Estates if you want to view their website – they show pictures of the harvesting and everything.  They sell the tins for $58, we are just offering it at our “introductory” cost to help get it out there… and where else can you get amazing fresh Organic Olive Oil for $36/ tin?)

They are going through the organic certification process now, but Steve says :

“Basically, the farm has been farmed organically for a long, time (and certification by some organization is pending, but take my word for it, my uncle uses “no chemicals”.  That is his mantra.)  …  The one pest that in years past was addressed collectively with chemical pesticides as it could easily wipe out a farmer’s crop, is the olive fly.  My uncle’s approach, soon copied by neighbors as it was found to be superior to the little commercial traps that were sold, was to hang a stick of wood from a branch on each tree and dip it in a sugar water solution.  So, there you go.  Sugar.”

COOL. And it’s delicious.

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  1. Keith – After out great visit with you and family i went to Stoneoak and turned out a digester from available materials. Come see it. A 55 Gal drum,lined with a contractors bag with a center cone of perferated 4″ drainage pipe wraped in fiberglass window screening to prevent infiltration. The base ( under the wood chips ) is constructed on a disk of galviized sheet metal with many drilled holes. I have half pipes of 4″ drainage underneath it to provide for easy drainage as well as for the uptake of oxygen through the large drain hole with no hose attached. I figure the heat will induce convection and th air will swiftly travel through the central pipe which extends a foot or so above the top of the barrel. The bottom of the 4″ center piece is serrated to allow air flow.
    Let’s talk when you have a minute. Peter.

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