OPEN Wed thru Sun now!

View of plants from upstairs

We have new hours, being time to plant and all, and us having gazillions of plants to sell… Jacqueline says I should tell you we have really good deals, like our 4″ pots of beautiful tomato plants are only $2, and 5″ pots are only $4! And that we use only  vegetable oil (“grease”, filtered, from restaurants) in our rototiller and tractor, no gas or diesel.  Also we still get people coming over that say “I never even knew you were back here!” so feel free to spread the word and bring friends if you like what we have, cuz we have LOTS of plants to sell!

SO, hours are now:

Wed, Thur and Fri  12-6

Sat  at the Shutesbury Farmers Market 8:30-12

and here 12-4

Sunday 12-4

The Shutesbury Farmers Market is in the center, behind Town Hall, very easy to find and LOTs of good vendors selling great stuff!

All the plants are now organized, so we have a table of brassicas (broc, kale, collards, raab), another table of other veggies  (peppers – hot and sweet, lettuce, arugula, eggplant, swiss chard), one for culinary herbs and one for medicinal herbs (my favorites), one table FULL of basil plants, and 2 tables of annuals. The new greenhouse foundation is filled with tomato plants in 4 and 5″ pots, as well as cosmos and zinnia plants!

Again, 4″ pots of beautiful tomato plants are only $2!      And 5″ pots are only $4

Olive oil is gone until the new shipment comes in June, but we are taking orders, because we may be able to keep close to the introductory price if we order enough.


(like a CSA but Community Supported Olive Oil): next year plan ahead and order what you need for the year (like they do in Greece), prepay, and when the new shipment comes in you just come pick it up! It will save shipping and keep costs down, and supposedly it’s very efficient to ship pallets by boat then directly to us, better than us ordering 2-3 cases at a time. There will be a minimum like 3 or 4 tins, but you can always team up with another family.

Back to plants… have you ever seen a baby pine tree?

So sweet.

Time to get back to work. Hope the added hours are more accommodating for everyone! We also sell food during those times, so you can now get your spinach fresh almost every day (although I don’t think you should eat it every day because it blocks calcium absorption if eaten TOO often… but we have other stuff like kale and lettuce)!

Drink water, go swimming if you can, stay cool. See you soon.

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  1. Everything is looking so beautiful! The baby pine tree is great. Even being surrounded by them, I’ve never noticed one that size.

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