Birch Moon Farm Updates

Early morning moonrise over the Quabbin.

So we’ve been busy planting all our seedlings – the flower garden is now planted, so are cukes & zucc’s, Big Max pumpkins, more carrots, tomatoes, potatoes…ย  Onions are weeded, new lettuce is up, spinach has gone by (doesn’t like the heat we had). Roses are blooming like crazy!

Miss Joanne, one of our two AMAZING helpers left for Permaculture School

"Miss" Joanne teaching Quinn Aerial Fabric

sad for us but great experience for her! She brought an incredible spirit to our family, our home and our farm. Our house was overflowing with fresh raw-milk yogurt and live-cultured ginger beer in many flavors… recipes will follow sometime soon…

Plain Ginger, Rhubarb soda and Raspberry Ginger Beer!

Luckily we still have Jacqueline, who is so wonderful to have around and is a great friend and hard worker! We planted our annual flower garden, and expanded the perennials, just in time for the nice steady rain.

gentian sage, annual

I took a million pictures of clouds during those 2 days of tornado warnings… but will just show you 2 of my favorites…

It’s hard to tell but that was a beautiful swirl…

It was amazing to me, the textures of the higher clouds verses the fluffier lower ones… and that they were moving in different directions. I guess this edges is where you are most likely to get a tornado….

And the lightning last week did cause something to malfunction on our electric scooter charger so we came home from the Farmers Market to a lovely driveway fire! Both scooters (electric and nearby gas one) burned down to sooty metal chunks…lucky for us we had an hour left to get it all to Bluky Waste Day!!

And we are SOOOO grateful our greenhouse didn’t burn or melt at all. We just lost that one table of annuals, but still have plenty left ๐Ÿ™‚

So I think that sums up our week… It’s been an exciting one to say the least. And very quiet on the farmstand end due to all the storms I think… Feel free to email us and we’ll pre-pick what you need if it’s raining and you want to stop & shop & zip out,


We hope to have enough by Saturday to bring to market.

Please come!


  1. You are awesome! We all loved the salad leaves and broccoli. Will be coming by for more tomorrow!

    And thanks for sharing the picture and news through your Blog posts and newsletters ๐Ÿ™‚

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