Birch Moon Farm and Herbals

Our internet has been off more that on for the last month, but we’re still here,
with NEWLY PAINTED, easier-to-read signs! (Note the Wed 12-6 and Sat 12-4 sign…)

Farm signs at 42 Cooleyville Rd!

Jacqueline and Lucy hard at work!

Onions are just about ready, but we had to do ONE LAST WEEDING… lucky we had help!

Tomatoes are absolutely beautiful… and affordable! $2.50/lb!

We have tomatoes (sandwich or plums, 2.50/lb), potatoes ($1.50/ lb), kale, ($3/ bunch), basil ($2 or $3 bunches), scallions & leeks ($2/ bunch), onions and summer squash ($1.50/lb) and fresh garlic ($10/lb) . Also we have lots of La Luna Goat Gouda cheese from Blue Ledge Farm in one pound chunks for $12. More Olea Organic XV Olive Oil comes in this week from (the fresh harvest) Greece.

Come by for a visit! We’re open Wednesdays 12-6 and Saturdays 12-4, after the Shutesbury Market behind Town Hall (Sat 8:30-12)

Feel free to call ahead (email is unreliable these days with the Verizon trouble, but go ahead and email and just call to confirm we got it) and we’ll have your order ready to pick up. Saturdays we keep the stand stocked, but Wednesdays are slower so we tend to pick as needed, besides tomatoes, which we usually have!

We have no lettuce right now due to the heat, but I found this one, still in a 6-pack, with such a HUGE stalk… amazing! And it looked good enough to eat (but tasted a little bitter…)  We’ll have lettuce for eating as well as Fall broccoli and kale (plants) next month.

Thanks, happy eating! Sarah and Keith  413-259-1183

Birch Moon Farm & Herbals, Shutesbury, MA

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