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Olive Oil is in!

Olea Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For those of you who don’t know, it’s from my very extended family in Greece, my step-aunt’s husband’s uncle, 3rd generation Olive Oil farmer, all very strict about being chemical-free forever, even before it was COOL! But seriously, I think they used paper dipped in sugar-water or something when the worst pest ever came through town…It’s smooth and delicious, and we’re still selling it for wholesale just to help them get it out there. $36/ 3-liter tin. Click on “Olea” to be transferred magically to their website…

2 other important things:

1) Cucumbers are in, and these are the ones going to market first thing tomorrow (Saturday) morning

2) The Wilson basket (shown in picture, sold at the market by Kiran with the yummy sprouts) is TOTALLY awesome and passed the test with flying colors. This was a seriously heavy basket of cukes, and I did not worry at all about it’s ability to carry them without breaking…

Not that these are less important:

These big sandwich tomatoes are on their way into the pot for canning, but I just wanted to show you we have a LOT and they are super delicious. Most are Buffalo or Jet Stars, but there are a few Rosa de Berne (pink ones closer to front) and at least three Heirloom Cherokee Purples. It’s amazing that even your basic tomatoes like Jet Star can taste amazing when grown with lots of minerals, like what’s in our compost tea. And of course, they get the best intention and love!

We’ll have onions at the Market tomorrow. Reds (Mars Red/Red Bull) and Yellow (Alisa Craig/Safrane).

Dinner picked and about to be cooked by Edie

The huge onion above Edie put in our dinner tonight (benefits of having kids that grow up on a farm!) sauteed and caramelized with Sundry tomatoes (not yet dried) and some slivers of beets… WOW. I could have eaten the whole pan-full. She cooked it on low and kept adding water “because it kept drying out” and then drizzled our new Olive oil on top at the end… We had it over Emmer (a whole grain distantly related to wheat, cooked like rice) from Wheatberry’s Grain CSA (local, organic!) and Edie asked to never eat pasta again and only have Emmer! (I think she said that last time, too…)

Sun-dries... before...

We’ll either have these Principe Borghese (Sundry tomatoes) or Juliet (plums) tomorrow at Market…


fresh, uncured, delicious!

Have a nice weekend! Hope to see you at the
Farmers Market in Shutesbury 8:30-12, or at
our farm 12-4 Saturdays and 12-6 Wednesdays!


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