Birch Moon Farm Aug 30

We’re OPEN every Wed 12-6 and Sat 12-4!

Farm Updates (mostly photos):

We had a nice visit the other day from the Hummingbird Moth.
He loved all the Zinnia colors and hung around with us there for a good 1/2 hour!

I love the feathery-fur on their backs

And I’ve noticed an over-abundance of Bumble-bees this year, maybe now that we don’t have Honeybees.

And not many Monarchs, which worries me, but a few of these:

Did you see that (front) side of the wing, partially hidden? That’s some serious detail.

SO, this week we’ve been roasting 1/2 cut cherry tomatoes in olive oil (250-degree oven) and I guess will store them in the freezer just in case. They are sweet as candy and hard to stop eating! Careful not to burn them, but a little browning really makes them YUMMY.

We’ve also been making elderberry syrup. A recipe will soon follow…

Elderberries, ripe now!

We have:

lots of tomatoes, still $2.50/lb

basil, $3/ large bunch

small new potatoes $1.50/ lb

onions – red & gold $1.50/ lb

carrots $2.50/ bunch

scallions & leeks $2/ bunch

garlic $10/ lb

Organic Olive oil (extra virgin) $36/tin

Swiss chard, kale $3/bunch

Cucumbers (large, when available) $1/each

Stay cool during the heat wave! Drink lots of water and eat cucumbers,
watermelons and other cooling fruits and vegetables.

Birch Moon Farm & Herbals

42 Cooleyville Rd, Shutesbury, MA 01072

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