NEW Fall hours on Wednesdays

Hi everyone.

Since things are slowing down a bit and school is in session,
I’m changing our WED hours to 4-6 pm.

SAT will still be 12-4, as long as we have stuff to sell!

We’ll be here today, WED 4-6, with:
onions (red & yellow),
tomatoes (plum and sandwich),
potatoes (small – red, yellow, and red-gold),
pick-your-own flowers,
olive oil
and Birch Moon Herbals lip balms, salves, x-ema cream, spritzers, tea blends and salve-making kits.

I do have bulk herbs (dried) as well, at $3/oz. I have many tea herbs, and some harder-to-find as well, all organic, some grown here, some from Mountain Rose Herbs. Call ahead if you want more than a few herbs weighed out, and I’ll have ’em ready.

The cheese will be available ONLY in whole-8-lb wheels until I can get smaller ones, so maybe people can pitch in together and split one…you cut it up… they last awhile in the fridge if wrapped in wax paper. It’s also sold at River Valley Market, it just costs moreย  ๐Ÿ™‚

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