More on garlic and elderberry…

So to clarify, we will be at the Garlic Festival BOTH days, Sat and Sun, at booth #38, next to the Spinning area.

And I am going to bring dried elderberries, maybe even with jars and printed recipes/instructions, so you can buy your elderberries from us and your honey from Warm Colors Apiary right there at the festival! Then all you need is alcohol or cider vinegar! A little water added helps so it’s easier to move the thick honey, but is not necessary… (forgot this on the recipe)

see you then!

ps. If you were there in ’07 you may have seen our dog Val riding/hanging out in the bucket on back of the scooter! And I believe there was a hen with baby chicks in the bucket under the table… in front of Edie…of course


  1. I miss the Garlic Festival. I remember taking Edie on her first hay ride there. Good memories. Your booth was always fun to shop at. Wish I could be there this year.

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