wheat, olive oil, potting soil, veggies…

Happy  SPRING!

We’ll be OPEN this Saturday, 10-2,
at our farm here in Shutesbury Center!

if it’s warm enough we’ll set up outside, otherwise come on in the house!

The MOST exciting NEW item we have is our wheat, freshly milled to order, grown here, delicious! We got a new, beautiful wooden electric grain mill from Germany, so we can grind your flour nice and fine (or coarse if you like it that way!) Fresh, true-whole-wheat flour is $3/1 lb bag.

Olea Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is still available, $36 for a 3-liter tin. Not just because it’s my family’s, but I think it’s really delicious. Made from Kalamata olives, such a treat! Visit their website for more info ~ and see the retail price at $58, we are selling it at wholesale 🙂 I got this photo off their website, of their olive orchards…

Olea Estates, Sparta, Greece

Our Potting Soil, by McEnroe Organics is great. It’s all we use for our millions of plant starts (that will be available for sale later in Spring…veggies, flowers, herbs…). We have the Potting Soil Lite (our preference, made for organic growers) and the Organic Compost, both $11/ 22-quart (big) bag. I will ideally be making a new tab (page) on the blog, listing the plant starts we are growing so people can plan ahead…

We still have delicious spinach ($8/lb), sometimes picked with chickweed mixed in (because it’s really good for you and tastes SO good!), as well as cooking/salad greens. Lettuce is taking it’s time, but someday will be bursting and ready. We have some onions left, looking pretty good still. If the weather is good we’ll be digging carrots, as long as the ground doesn’t re-freeze before the weekend! Herbal teas, creams, salves and lip balms are always available. And Edie has a few beautifully crocheted thick hot pads left (as seen in the photo at the top)!

I think that sums it up! Hope you can come by this (or any) Saturday.  And always email/call if another time works better for you, we may be around!

Call   259-1183 or email     ediereina@aol.com by Friday night if you want us to save you something or pack up an order. Prices are on the site if you need to plan your CASH, because we do NOT take CHECKS, thank you so much.

And we love it that most of you bring your own bags (sometimes reused from the Saturday before!) Thank you!

Hard to see, but his glowing eyes! A big Great Horned Owl last night!


Carrots, eggs and guinneas



We have freshly dug carrots…

and eggs

and spinach

and olive oil

and goodies!

~ all ready to nourish your family ~

Open today 10-2

42 Cooleyville Rd, Shutesbury Center

Bring your own bags if you have them, please!

And cash, no checks, thank you.

Also, organic potting soil with worm castings (great stuff)

and (new!) bagged compost for plant starts!

ps. free guinneas to anyone who wants them!

"Aren't I beautiful? Take me home!"

Yes! Open this weekend…

It looks like we’re open every week from now on…

spinach, greens, onions, eggs, our own wheat (freshly milled!), organic kalamata olive oil (and soon kalamata olives also from my extended family in Greece!).  Before you know it plant starts will be ready.

So come on by,  10 am-2 pm,   Saturdays…
bring friends, bags and cash  (no checks!)

See you soon!

SPINACH and more, this Saturday!

OPEN this SATURDAY  10-2

BRING CASH (no checks) AND YOUR OWN BAGS (if possible!)

Spinach   $8/lb

Cooking Greens   $8/lb

Olea Organic Olive oil, extra virgin   $36

Yellow onions (+ a few reds left)   $1.50/lb

garlic   $12/lb

herbal tea  $8/3 oz. bag (special deal! usually $10)

Lip balms $3, MANY flavors

Lavender hand, face & body cream  $10/ 2 oz jar

x~ema cream  $10/ 2 oz jar

42 Cooleyville Rd, Shutesbury Center (2 houses east of the library)