bird sightings and OPEN!

We’ve had some good sightings lately…

Pileated Woodpecker

and a young eagle (twice this week!) just starting to get his/her whites…

We had a great walk to the Quabbin,

stream near the big water

and in general we are trying to take time to spend with each other as much as possible, with all the sap rising and crazy things that come up in Spring, emotionally and physically. A walk to the Quabbin is good for the soul.

Getting back to the farm, blueberry buds are bursting, and peas have been planted!

It doesn’t look like much yet, but in 45 days or so we’ll be really happy! We presoaked and sprouted them for better germination.

The big news for today is that we will have SCALLIONS on the farmstand! Also carrots, spinach, lettucy mesclun and onions (lots of red onions I recently “discovered” ). We are very happy with the compost and Potting soil from McEnroe Organics and have been using the compost in all our tree plantings around the farm. It costs $11/big bag.

Come by if you can, 10-2 today (Saturday)! I’m off to harvest…

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