a Sign

Definitely a sign.

This was the brightest, most vibrant & glowing  rainbow I have EVER seen.

Things can look dark and gloomy, lonely and empty, rainy and sad,
but you have to make an opening (and yes, it can be scary!)
for the magic and goodness to come in.  And they will.

Trust. Breathe.

So… about this weekend…. we are OPEN of course, with LOTS of goodies

and if it rains, we’ll set up inside the house, so come on in! We have:

* a really nice broccoli raab/mustard mesclun mix (above)  (we are eating twice a day!)*

* lettuce mix and some heads of lettuce *

* rhubarb – yum, tis the season! Hope you have strawberries left in your freezer! *

* green onion tops ~ vibrant, add to salads, dressings, stir-fries… *

* carrots ~ freshly dug, going fast! *

* eggs ~ easter-egg colors, super fresh from happy, free chickens *

* freshly-ground whole wheat flour grown right here in Shutesbury (on our land!!) *

* golden-green olive oil made from Greek Kalamata olives, extra-virgin AND organic *


* plant starts! *

lettuce, safe to plant outside

Rouge d’Hiver, my favorite color lettuce…

kale and broccoli plants, also OK to go out…

tomatoes and basil, not at all safe yet! it may be 34 degrees F tonight…

And just for fun I wanted to share some photos:

my beautiful rice, sprouting in water (above),

then planted, 1,500 grains, all by hand, VERY carefully,

and they grew! Soon I think I’m supposed to flood them…

We’ll get 650-ish grains per grain of rice planted. So if we’re lucky,

maybe we’ll end up with about 30 lbs of rice. THAT’s magic…

I think we’ll do less pre-ordering because sometimes things happen and I hate for us or you to get let down, so just come by the farm if you can between 10 and 2, or send a friend!  You can call ahead for eggs and we’ll hold them, they go fast sometimes.

Hope to see you!  Look for rainbows!  Sarah

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