We’re back! Open again!

Birch Moon Farm & Herbals, Shutesbury Center

42 Cooleyville Rd (2 houses down from the library on the 202-side)

Hi everyone, just wanted you to know we did not fall off the face of the Earth,
we’ve been working hard here keeping up with weeds and watering,
nourishing ourselves, and growing LOTS of good food.

We’ll be OPEN Wednesdays 4-6pm (starting today) and Saturdays 12-4pm.

 We have (all organic, not certified):

PYO Flower garden (and pre-made bouquets $5 each)

tomatoes (heirloom, beauties and plums) $4/lb

basil $3/bunch

cukes $1.50/lb

zucchini ~ yellow & green $1.50/lb

small bunches of herbs $1-2/ bunch

rainbow chard $3/ bunch

kale (curly and tuscan) $3/bunch

Olive oil (XV organic, from Kalamata olives!) $36/tin

Kalamata Olives (also from my extended family in Greece, organic of course!) $15/ quart, $8/pint

(bring your own jar for olives or $1 deposit)

SOON we’ll have SWEET CORN (grown here!!!)

Hope to see you, remember we are CASH ONLY and love it when you bring your own bags (but we do have some as well).

THANKS, Sarah and Keith Shields



  1. Hi Keith and Sarah, I think of you every day… we drive by the North Ave house all the time and for many more reasons. I hope you and the beautiful family are well and happy. Best wishes to you all!

    1. Hi!! Great to hear from you! Hope all is well. We are all great and the kids are adults! Amazing. Still farming. We’d love to see you – come for a visit sometime ❤️ Many blessings!

  2. Keith and Sarah, you are such special wonderful people and you have been building your dreams solidly as an example in this world! I think anyone who comes to your place will get a beautiful taste of what is possible to live more in harmony with Nature and each other. Hugs to you both and to the children,
    Thank you!!!

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