OPEN today, last corn, salad dressing

Hi everyone, corn season is winding down for us, the last of the Silver Queen is ready to be picked! It’s actually not especially sweet, but very flavorful and delicious – we prefer it to any other corn (but we’re also a little biased!)

We’ve been canning and freezing like mad – like squirrels getting ready for winter. I feel so lucky to have all this amazing food for our family. We’ve made tomato sauce, and frozen peaches, corn and blueberries. Lots that I haven’t gotten to – like ratatouille, pickles, pickled beets, green beans, but there’s always next year if they don’t happen this fall. I love that there’s always next year for all the dreams we don’t get to…

So today (Wed) we’ll be open from 4-6, with corn, tomatoes, arugula, mixed cooking greens, kale, collards (I have some good recipes for these that even people who don’t like kale love!), parsley, cucumbers, pick-your-own flowers, olive oil and kalamata olives (delicious!). 

By the way, for those of you who have already bought olives, they are brined in my family’s own organic wine vinegar (which unfortunately they do not sell, I asked…) so save that brine, mix it in the blender with shallots or red onion, garlic, mustard, fresh herbs, a little honey, maybe some regular vinegar (the brine’s a little salty) and slowly drizzle in some olive oil. Adjust amounts until you love the flavor! Once you figure out some good dressings you’ll never go back to store dressings. Our other favorite dressing  is (goat) yogurt, some soft goat cheese, garlic, shallots or small onion, a little brine or rice vinegar and parsley or basil (or sometimes mint and cucumbers). Very simple, easy – blend in a cuisinart or blender!

Hope to see you later today, and if we dont, hope you enjoy these beautiful summer days!  Blessings, Sarah

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