Official OPEN hours are ending….

SO, if you need anything, like Olive Oil, olives, tomatoes, greens,
carrots, celery, cucumbers… call and set up a time that works for you!

To be clear, we are no longer open Wednesdays and Saturdays.
It’s time to close for the season.

We have lots left to eat/ sell, but it’s getting harder and harder to be available those particular hours.

Time to focus back on the family and preparing for Winter!

Hope to still see you around…  Happy Autumn, Sarah

Open tomorrow, Saturday 12-4

Hope to see you tomorrow, Saturday, from 12-4 pm!

We have carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, kale, collards, cooking greens, baby red romaine lettuce, olive oil, olives, fresh ground whole wheat flour (grown here!), as well as salves, lip balms, creams, tea blends and all the herbal stuff.

Bulk dried herbs we always have, and love to make custom tea blends. Most herbs are from Mountain Rose Herbs in Oregon, all organic, and some are grown here. It used to be the other way around, mostly grown here, but I just got in my stainless steel screening to dry the herbs on and need to make a new drying rack. I wasn’t satisfied before with the aluminum (yuck) or vinyl (contains lead) window screening that most people (including me before I thought about it) use. We really have to question everything, it seems, these days. But one thing at a time, then make a simple change. Live with it until it becomes habit, part of your world, then tackle another. It’s no help to anyone, the Earth, or yourself, to get overwhelmed!

By the way, did you see the Climate Reality Project yesterday? 24 hours of climate REALITY, from people all over the world, speaking live about what’s really happening weather and climate-wise, everywhere. Uncensored and live. I was glad a friend reminded us so we could watch for the last 2 hours, but you can view it here any time. Each hour seems to be similar, except the panel discussions about half-way through each. Al Gore’s speech was a great one, in English, easy. #24, the last one. Some (all?) others were translations of this, with additions here and there.

It’s time for us to take care of our Mother Earth, for without her, what will we have?

Shouldn’t this be a priority, above all else?

Priority above using electricity without thinking of what it means to be burning all that coal, or supporting those nuclear plants? Above driving around and shopping? Above all our ideas of what we “need” to keep our comfortable lives?

IDEAS: Consolidate trips, carpool. Hang your clothes to dry in the fresh air. Spring for one LED light bulb for your reading light or a commonly used light in your home.  Walk or ride a bike to visit a friend close-by. Buy food in bulk and don’t buy food in plastic packaging. If using your oven, also throw in some squash, or tomatoes and garlic, or shiitakes in butter, to roast for another meal – make more use out of the energy used. Make or buy a thermal cooker (uses 1/10 or less of the energy). Use less: less lights at night, no lights during the day if you can, …   I’m running out of ideas but I know there are more! Post a comment if you want with your ideas.

We can do this. We have to do this. Really, now. Beautiful things will happen.

Enjoy this lovely Autumn weather. Thanks for listening.

Learning to make handmade shoes

One would think there is enough to do on a farm, without adding other projects,
but adding projects just happens to be my specialty, so….

I LOVE making shoes!! I’m just getting started, don’t really know anything yet, but I’m very proud of them, and excited to make more, very simple, simple shoes. I was never even a big shoe person, more of a functional shoe person – as long as they were comfortable, and inexpensive… then I sprung for some handmade shoes at the Shutesbury Farmers & Artisans Market (every Saturday morning from 8:30-noon) from Sharon Raymond and my whole outlook changed.  They fact that I could BUY shoes, made by someONE, a person, HERE, in Shutesbury, was just amazing, and I was very proud of my shoes.

So now I’m learning from Sharon, and just finished my first pair of adult shoes (mine! both pics above),
after making a pair for my friend’s sweetie son, with moon and stars (below)

My kids jumped right on board and are playing around with shoes made from natural materials like these birchbark shoes.

It’s such an interesting thing, making shoes. When I was little my mother taught me to sew, and I sewed clothes for my mice, and my dolls, and then later for me, and I’ve just started up again making skirts and pants. It’s really pretty easy once you know the basics, and easier if you own a sewing machine. But shoes was always something you HAD to BUY, right? I mean, who could make a pair of leather shoes, as well as the factory in China? ha ha.

I can even buy professional soles to glue on with toxic glue, but I’m not a pro and really am just beginning to learn, and I prefer the natural rubber, sewed on. My daughter is trying a pair mostly on her own, and they are coming out beautifully! She preferred to turn the leather suede-side out, and they look like delicious melted chocolate shoes (below). She’ll have them for her “inside shoes” at school. I told her to wait until I got home to glue them together (before sewing) but came home to find them done, ready to punch holes. Self-motivated creature.

Sharon’s coming out with a new book, or new books soon, and videos to follow, and I really encourage everyone with creative juice to spare to even just think about trying, about what you would make if you made 1 pair of very simple, functional, beautiful shoes or sandals. There are tools to invest in, not many, but some, like punches and a stitching awl. I was lucky to find leather at the flea market. But there’s shoes made of fabric. Wool. Felt. So many options. People could group together and buy tools to share, and come together once a week  for potluck and shoemaking – what a great Winter project.

Maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself. But the point is, I’m inspired. And excited. This feeds a part of me that I wasn’t taking care of before. A fun night-time project (that sometimes sneaks into my days in between canning tomatoes and freezing peaches).

Did I mention I turned our bedroom into a workshop? 🙂

PS. We are still farming as well and will be open this and every Saturday 12-4. And Wednesdays 4-6. Call or email if you need anything off-hours or off-days, we’re usually around, somewhere, doing some project….