Olive oil (yes!) and farm update

Hi everyone, hope you’re enjoying this hot, dry summer and spending lots of time in the woods or in water! We are…ย 

So people have been asking, and I never really explained, but we are NOT open this year (2012). We have a lovely small garden for just ourselves, and even our bulk patches of onions and beans are drying in this heat. So I guess we chose a good year to take a break from farming. Besides, there are still great people at the Shutesbury farmers market offering lots of good veggies, so you can still eat great, local food.

We are spending wonderful time with our kids, extended family, getting to projects that never seem to get priority, so it all feels really good. We about tripled the size of our rice paddy, so that is exciting. Now we just need rain so the beans will grow…

We DO still have organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from my very extended family in Greece, and people stop in to buy that often. I may deliver to the Wendell Farmers Market pre-order thing they have going on, if you’re in Wendell that’s easy. But we’re usually here, so call 259-1183 and we’ll get some oil ready for you. It’s still wholesale at $36/3-litre tin (cash only). Really it’s a great price for any organic olive oil, but this is REALLY good, and besides they’re building their own solar-powered processing plant so they can really be awesome and watch the quality. I feel so lucky to know exactly where my olive oil comes from.

And we have a lovely mother’s group, called Nurture, meeting the first Sunday of every month 1-3 pm. There is a theme every month, and Adri reads some poems and writings, and we all write and share, look at ourselves, without judgement, and, well, NURTURE ourselves. It is a great group of women, I love it. Email or call for more info.

Swim lots, stay cool, take care of yourself, drink lots of water, and enjoy the summer as much as you can. Many Blessings, Sarah

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