We’ve got PLANTS! Today til 4 or tomorrow by appt

Hi everyone, wonderful customers and friends!

We’re OPEN today (Sat) until 4 pm

tomorrow (Sun) we’ll be around,
but call first to make sure!  259-1183 (no set hours yet)

We are a CASH only farm, thanks!

(I’ll try to give more notice in the future! We decided 140 broccoli plants was enough for us and can sell the rest, but they have to be planted SOON)


It looks like we’ll have a great farm this year, thanks to our year off…Broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, peas, kale, onions, lettuce, spinach and tatsoi are all planted in the ground, starting their journeys. We have some spinach, tatsoi and lettuce ready to pick and eat (for sale).

We have plants started in the greenhouse, everything from lettuce, to kale & broccoli to tomatoes & basil.   

PLANTS FOR SALE NOW  $3/ 6-pack:


Freedom Lettuce

Tendergreen Broccoli (early)

Gustus Brussel Sprouts

Melissa Savoy Cabbage

Ruby Perfection Cabbage

Varsity onions

We have about 2,000 tomato plants planted, looking absolutely beautiful, about 5-6″ tall right now. They’ll be ready in May perfectly timed with the weather  (right, Spring? no more snow please…). Also there’s a ton of basil.


Besides our usual varieties of tomatoes (Soldaki, Jet Star, Cosmonaut Volcov, Super Sweet 100, Sungold cherries, plums…) we’ll have an Heirloom mix for those who can’t decide which tomato plants to grow…


Our olive oil is still available, still organic extra virgin, still $36 a 3L tin. Still totally delicious, I bet our family went through 4 tins this Winter, at least!


Birch Moon Herbals lip balms, salves, creams, teas, spritzers, etc are all available as well. Call or email if you need anything, I’m around all week (always) but appreciate a call first. 259-1183. We had a suspicious creepy person walking around our property taking pictures, (“nostalgia”, he said – um, our house in new…) so I’m a little on edge and less than friendly when people drive in unannounced (so you’re prewarned if you do…)

Hope everyone had a warm, restful and rejuvenating winter! I look forward to seeing you again this summer.

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