I’m opening for a longer window today so people can come in between storms… it may be a little crazy out… but we’ll be here with plants and food (arugula, mesclun, rhubarb, lettuce, green garlic (cook like leeks!), some broccoli raab, tuscan dino kale). If you need to come a little after 5 I’ll be here, but getting ready for our 6:30 yoga class here at the house, so may not see your car – come to the front door!

Have a great day!


Farm open today 9-1, plants and food!


Hi everyone, Birch Moon Farm is open today 9-1, just downhill of Shutesbury Center (towards 202) and the Shutesbury Farmers market (open 8:30-12?) Come on by! I know the weather isn’t great for going out to a farm  : )  but we’ll be here if you are so inspired. We have plant starts $3/6-pack and 4″ tomatoes in pots $2 each, many heirlooms. A few varieties are selling out, so if you have favorites come sooner than later. Cucumber and summer squash plants are ready to go out, green and purple bean plants ready also. Bring cash, we don’t take checks or plastic!

MESCLUN mix and ARUGULA $12/lb,
huge heads of red LETTUCE $3 each,
tuscan “dino” young KALE  $3/bunch
RHUBARB $3/bunch
organic Olea XV OLIVE OIL $36/ 3L tin (our very extended family’s oil from Sparta, Greece – generations of organic-ness!)
Herbals creams and salves, lip balms…

Have a great day! Take advantage of the cool raininess and rest if you can. Then think about attending a March Against Monsanto in Springfield or Chicopee (I was WAY off on the Amherst one, too bad)!!

OPEN Wed 12-6, Sat 9-1

Hi everyone, just a quick email today to say we’re OPEN today (Wed) 12-6 pm with lettuce heads, rhubarb and MESCLUN mix!!

We’ll be open Sat as well, 9am-1 pm most likely (still waiting to hear if there really IS a March Against Monsanto in Amherst at 2PM or if it’s only in Springfield/Chicopee/ Boston…. as well as ALL OVER the rest of the world, pretty amazing. Wouldn’t it be neat if WE ALL went and just SO MANY people showed up? I do think voting with your dollar is the BEST way to march against them, and you can do that daily, but anyway…)

Hope to see you!  blessings!  happy rain! 

SONY DSCps – I apologize in advance for the BARKY welcome you will get when you come over – Milo still thinks everyone is trying to eat her. She will not bite but will bark you to death. I’ll try to keep her inside, as always when we’re open, but sometimes it just happens. She’s very sweet once she relaxes… and luckily she’s small so it’s less scary than a giant dog barking… but still, I’m sorry. We are working on it with her. She was horribly tortured as a puppy, before we got her (obviously) and has come a long way already.

Farm OPEN 9-3 Saturday

Hi everyone, we’ll be around all day 9-3 today, come on by after you head up to the Shutesbury Farmers Market!

We have PLANTS (starts for planting) galore – tomatoes, basil, lettuce in all shapes and sizes, cilantro, dill, parsley, red rubin purple basil (makes a pink herb vinegar great for salad dressings), many more herbs, calendula, scarlet flame zinnias (see picture with Hummingbird Moth above) tatsoi plants, broccoli, tuscan kale, swiss chard…and more.. really we have thousands of plants ready for planting! 6-packs are only $3 and 4-inch pots (tomatoes) are $2.

In terms of EATING we have huge beautiful heads of lettuce $3/head, tatsoi $2.50-3/head, cilantro $2/bunch, rhubarb $3/ bunch. Kale, arugula and mesclun will be ready soon – maybe next week. We also have organic olive oil still, $36/tin. There’s a little spinach left, $8/lb, for early birds  : )

Did I mention we have more broccoli plants for sale? Also collards and tatsoi.

I am stocked up on lavender cream, x-ema cream, salves, lip balms. Hopefully I’ll get them out on a table today, but feel free to ask if you don’t see them.

Enjoy the perfect planting day today, and don’t forget to stop by the Shutesbury Market and support all the wonderful people up there! (We wont be moving our plants up there, it’s just too much, but we’re only 2 houses down the hill!) Cash only, thanks!

Blessings, sarah

Cover your tomatoes & basil! Open Wed 12-6pm

Hi everyone, just wanted to send out a newsflash to my wonderful customers who bought and planted tomatoes and basil this past weekend… COVER THEM UP in the evenings for the next few nights!! We use old blankets, but a coat or sweater should work, with a frame underneath made of nearby sticks if needed… Even piling hay on top for the night should protect them sufficiently! Just remember to take it off in the morning when temps warm up  : )  

Enjoy the beautiful day,
we’ll be open again Wednesday 12-6 with plant starts and food
– same stuff as last week!

Look on the blog for more info, thanks!

sharing the last of the elderberries

Tomato plants in 4″ pots, open today!

imagesOPEN TODAY (Saturday, May 11)  9-3

We have TONS of tomato plants, in 6-packs or in 4″ pots if you want individual types. They are very strong, healthy plants. Many heirloom, except for a few extra goodies…

Come by in between rain showers!

We have greens for mother’s day lunch –

beautiful spinach $8/lb

lettuce – red, green and bibb  $3/head

chives $1/bunch

rhubarb $3/bunch

tatsoi  $3/head

4-inch pots of tomatoes $2 each

6-packs of tomatoes, herbs, greens (arugula, tatsoi, kale, lettuce…)  $3 each

organic olive oil$36/tin

lavender cream $10 (mother’s day gift?), make-your-own lip balm or salve kits $18 (fun to do with children), healing comfrey salve for gardener’s hands $9

Hope to see you later. Cash only, thanks.

Happy Mother’s Day!


farm OPEN Wed, Sat this week!


Hi everyone, quick note to say we’ll be OPEN Wed 3-6PM and Sat 9-3. Hopefully that will be early enough Saturday for people to get their plants and get out in the garden! Call if another time works better, we may be here. 259-1183

Soldaki, one of our heirloom tomatoes, large, pink and meaty!
Soldaki, one of our heirloom tomatoes, large, pink and meaty!

Most of the tomatoes we grow are heirlooms. We also have an heirloom mix.  $3 6-pack.   4″ pots may be available, depending on what I get to. I’ll update with price if you check back on the blog.

I have all the tomato plants labelled with tags that have pictures and say if they’re heirlooms or not and what makes it so great and yummy. Below is a PDF (hoping this will work) that shows all of them, if you want to know what we have! I copied most descriptions from the Fedco catalog (thanks guys), stole pictures off google images (thanks again, not copyrighted anyway) and added some of our own experience.

tomato signs_Layout 1

Oh and we do still have spinach ($8/lb), LOTS of lettuce ($3 heads) and tatsoi ($2.50-$3/ head). Scallions are starting to flower but if you don’t mind (I still eat ’em) we have those too $2/bunch. Chives for $1/bunch.  Olive oil $36/3L tin.

cosmonaut v
Comsonaut Volcov, one of our most popular big red tomatoes.

THANKS, have a great week! Cash only!

blessings, sarah