OPEN today 11-3, fresh spinach, digester talk, robins, bodycare…

(to get straight to the nitty gritty about what we have for sale skip to the orange writing near the bottom of this post)SONY DSC

Good morning, what a beautiful morning it is. The new silver-yellow-green leaves are glowing as the sun is rising (or as the Earth is turning as my husband would remind me). I can see the wave of thick, white fog like frosting down in the valleys between the Quabbin hills. Millions of birds. I love waking up early.

Do you know why robins tilt their heads when they hop, hop, hop, tilt? They are listening for worms. My daughter put her head to the ground (to see why they did this, of course) and heard the popping noise the worms make when they are coming up to the surface – breathing?- and the robins hear this and know exactly where they are!  Amazing.


SONY DSCCan you see the peaches TRYING to come out of these beautiful buds? I can taste them. We’ve had heavy crops, every year for 3 (4?) years. Peach trees love minerals, and love our compost tea. We made a “digester” or “worm” as we call it, which not only breaks down chicken and horse manure (any kind) but cultures it like yogurt or miso, and makes it such that the minerals are organized in a perfect way for the plants to recognize and take up. That’s why (I think) people find the food we grow SO satisfying. It has the minerals your body has been ASKING for! AND it makes really healthy plants, fast growing trees and that blue-green color in brassicas. Come by for a full explanation and instructions to make your own digester. It’s a way to use very little manure and capture 90% of the nitrogen, instead of losing 90% in a compost pile. Many people have made them from our basic design, some small in a trash can, some in a large wooden structure, looking like a wooden hot-tub! Ricky and Deb at Seeds of Solidarity in Orange have one now. Our first one was made in a cattle-feeder tub filled with woodchips which the bacteria colonize when you water the manure through over and over at first (with water, then pour the tea back in for a few weeks) and they (the bacteria) poop out minerals. You get a dark brown tea, smelling like rich soil, cultured and “digested” that doesn’t burn your plants. I’d take a picture but I’m cozy here in my chair and can’t get up right now  : )  Come by for more information. They are easy to make.

SO about being OPEN… We’ll be open today    11 am – 3 pm

or if town meeting (in Shutesbury) ends earlier and you’re driving this way, stop on by.

We have PLANTS for SALE : red cabbage, 3 diff types of lettuce (grow some early lettuce!), calendula, parsley, thyme, tuscan kale, tomatoes (some people are starting to put theirs in, use your own discretion, but certainly safe for hoop houses or with some protection), and I think some others. $3/ 6-pack

VEGGIES for SALE include beautiful spinach $8/lb, lettuce (red sails, black-seeded simpson and tom thumb butter bibb)$2-3/head dep. on size, tatsoi $2-3/head, violet flowers (edible)(free), scallions $2/bunch and a few baby carrots as gift for people who ask  : )  Sweet treats…

Bring your cash and shopping basket or bags if you have ’em and come on by! Just seeing all our tomato plants and greenhouse will hopefully get you inspired to get working in your own garden. If you need to come a different time just call – 413-259-1183, I’ll be here working in the garden.

SONY DSCBesides organic olive oil, we also have bodycare that I make, fresh herbs, organic oils and essential oils, the most basic and best quality ingredients you can get.

Salves are $9/2 oz jar

Creams $10/jar


Lip balms $3 each, variety of flavors

 Spritzers $7 each

Itch Ease $7 each (for poison ivy and bug bites/stings)

KITS to make your own lip balm or salve $18.


Have a wonderful day! No cold in the forcast so we may try a few tomatoes outside… We’ll see!

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