farm OPEN Wed, Sat this week!


Hi everyone, quick note to say we’ll be OPEN Wed 3-6PM and Sat 9-3. Hopefully that will be early enough Saturday for people to get their plants and get out in the garden! Call if another time works better, we may be here. 259-1183

Soldaki, one of our heirloom tomatoes, large, pink and meaty!
Soldaki, one of our heirloom tomatoes, large, pink and meaty!

Most of the tomatoes we grow are heirlooms. We also have an heirloom mix.  $3 6-pack.   4″ pots may be available, depending on what I get to. I’ll update with price if you check back on the blog.

I have all the tomato plants labelled with tags that have pictures and say if they’re heirlooms or not and what makes it so great and yummy. Below is a PDF (hoping this will work) that shows all of them, if you want to know what we have! I copied most descriptions from the Fedco catalog (thanks guys), stole pictures off google images (thanks again, not copyrighted anyway) and added some of our own experience.

tomato signs_Layout 1

Oh and we do still have spinach ($8/lb), LOTS of lettuce ($3 heads) and tatsoi ($2.50-$3/ head). Scallions are starting to flower but if you don’t mind (I still eat ’em) we have those too $2/bunch. Chives for $1/bunch.  Olive oil $36/3L tin.

cosmonaut v
Comsonaut Volcov, one of our most popular big red tomatoes.

THANKS, have a great week! Cash only!

blessings, sarah


  1. Will you have any perrennial flowers if so how much? I’m interested in ones that bloom for a long time. Will you have onion,leek starts? What other vegies? Thanks, Lori

    1. Hi Lori, we don’t have any perennial flowers this year, besides a few herbs… I’ll look tomorrow. I’m a little exhausted and brain-dead – long day. We will have onion and leek starts hopefully by Saturday. In about 2 weeks we’ll have cucumber and summer squash starts as well as broccoli and collards. Thanks! sarah

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