Tomato plants in 4″ pots, open today!

imagesOPEN TODAY (Saturday, May 11)  9-3

We have TONS of tomato plants, in 6-packs or in 4″ pots if you want individual types. They are very strong, healthy plants. Many heirloom, except for a few extra goodies…

Come by in between rain showers!

We have greens for mother’s day lunch –

beautiful spinach $8/lb

lettuce – red, green and bibb  $3/head

chives $1/bunch

rhubarb $3/bunch

tatsoi  $3/head

4-inch pots of tomatoes $2 each

6-packs of tomatoes, herbs, greens (arugula, tatsoi, kale, lettuce…)  $3 each

organic olive oil$36/tin

lavender cream $10 (mother’s day gift?), make-your-own lip balm or salve kits $18 (fun to do with children), healing comfrey salve for gardener’s hands $9

Hope to see you later. Cash only, thanks.

Happy Mother’s Day!



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