Farm OPEN 9-3 Saturday

Hi everyone, we’ll be around all day 9-3 today, come on by after you head up to the Shutesbury Farmers Market!

We have PLANTS (starts for planting) galore – tomatoes, basil, lettuce in all shapes and sizes, cilantro, dill, parsley, red rubin purple basil (makes a pink herb vinegar great for salad dressings), many more herbs, calendula, scarlet flame zinnias (see picture with Hummingbird Moth above) tatsoi plants, broccoli, tuscan kale, swiss chard…and more.. really we have thousands of plants ready for planting! 6-packs are only $3 and 4-inch pots (tomatoes) are $2.

In terms of EATING we have huge beautiful heads of lettuce $3/head, tatsoi $2.50-3/head, cilantro $2/bunch, rhubarb $3/ bunch. Kale, arugula and mesclun will be ready soon – maybe next week. We also have organic olive oil still, $36/tin. There’s a little spinach left, $8/lb, for early birds  : )

Did I mention we have more broccoli plants for sale? Also collards and tatsoi.

I am stocked up on lavender cream, x-ema cream, salves, lip balms. Hopefully I’ll get them out on a table today, but feel free to ask if you don’t see them.

Enjoy the perfect planting day today, and don’t forget to stop by the Shutesbury Market and support all the wonderful people up there! (We wont be moving our plants up there, it’s just too much, but we’re only 2 houses down the hill!) Cash only, thanks!

Blessings, sarah


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