Peas! Broccoli! Kale! Garlic scapes!

PEASStir fry, anyone? We even sell the oil!  We even grow the rice – but sorry, we don’t sell that.  😉  But we do have a lot of good stuff this week, if you’re up this way, come on by!

We’ll be open 10-3 today (Saturday) with:

snow peas $7/ quart (maybe some sugar snaps too)
broccoli  $3.50/bunch
kale $3/bunch
lettuce mix $8/lb
braising mix $8/lb
garlic scapes $3/bunch
organic Olea olive oil $36/ 3L tin
winter squash plants $1 each

thanks!  cash only. Have a good day!

I’m having trouble importing new pictures, so I’m reusing this pea photo AGAIN…

OPEN 4-6 today, Wed and 10-3 Sat

Hi everyone, trying out new hours, adjusting to people’s schedules… and I have to be in Amherst the the Farmers Market there to pick up BULK STRAWBERRIES after 2pm, so have to open a bit later today!

Seems like many people have greens from their own gardens or CSA’s, so other than that we have BROCCOLI galore and PEAS are just starting to come in. We always have OLIVE OIL. Soon we’ll have BLUEBERRIES!!  For those of you without KALE we have that too, and LETTUCE  mix.

For plant starts we have winter squash and pumpkins, plus some cucumbers.

Happy day!  sarah


Farm reminder for Saturday, Open 9-3


Birch Moon Farm, Shutesbury Center! We have BROCCOLI, kale (tuscan and red russian), lettuce, garlic scapes, organic olive oil (from extended family in Sparta, Greece, delicious oil), make-your-own salve kits (use the olive oil!), specialty hand creams (lavender, x-ema cream (made WITH the olive oil!)) and other body care products… and a few plants left. Winter squash and cucumber plants are the newest additions, pumpkins too. Tomatoes in 4inch pots only left.

Also there are great Farmers Markets in Shutesbury center and Wendell, and of course the biggy in Amherst! Support your local farmer, wherever they may be!

Enjoy the beautiful weather! Cash only. Open 9-3 rain or shine : ) blessings, sarah


2-5 pm today and OLIVE OIL is IN!

Baltimore Oriole eating pests on our apple trees

Hi everyone, Wednesday again! We’ll be here 2-5 with… the new shipment of organic OLIVE OIL!!! 

Also lettuce, braising mustard-kale mix, tuscan kale, plants… Seems like people are getting many of their plants needs met now.

We will keep seeding in cucumbers, lettuce, kale and some herb starts thru the season for succession plantings.

THIS SATURDAY we’ll be closed for my father’s 70th birthday party  : )  Happy Birthday!

Available soon will be peas (sugarsnap, snowpeas and shell peas), garlic scapes and maybe highbush blueberries!

See everyone Wed, 2-5 (today AND next week). Enjoy the sun. I hope it dries out enough to plant some stuff before the next rain comes…

Shoemaking workshop with Sharon of

From Sharon, of Simpleshoemaking, for those of you interested in learning how to make shoes (even if you don’t have little kids, it’s a great way to make a first pair of shoes and learn the basics. This is how I started!  It’s really worth it just for the book and video… but to get her individual attention is amazing.

Feel free to pass along to anyone who may be interested! See below:

I’ll be hanging up this flyer on local telephone poles! Wish you could attend!

Learn to Make “First Walkers”!

Children’s Shoemaking Workshop
Why make your children’s shoes? Well, they’d be locally-made, not in some distant and possibly unhealthy factory. You can select the materials – recycled leather, cloth, non-petroleum-based soling… You can express your individuality and that of your child by the design and embellishment choices you make. You can assure your child has healthy footwear – with flexible soling, no heel and a wide toe area, as close to being barefoot as possible. And, they are sure to cost a lot less!
Saturday, July 13
10:00 – 2:00
price includes pdf book How to Make Simple Shoes for Children and children’s shoemaking online video
for further information contact:
Sharon Raymond
145 Baker Road (location for workshop)
Shutesbury, Ma. 01072