farm open today


Hi everyone, hope you’re having a good week. We have a lettuce mix, braising mix and kale (all $8/lb) that are tasty! The 2nd generation Red Sails lettuce heads are looking great as well, $3/head. And lots of plants, which are going to be nearing their end soon. We’re open today 2-5, Saturday 9-3 and next Wednesday 2-5, then taking the next Saturday off (the 15th) so come get your plants soon! Thank you to everyone who has been coming – even the rainy days have been busy busy!! Thanks for planning ahead on the cash front, we really appreciate it and understand it does take some extra work on your part. Thank you!

This is a very content Popcorn, a House Sparrow rescue (different from the cow bird in last week’s post!) So sweet!


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