2-5 pm today and OLIVE OIL is IN!

Baltimore Oriole eating pests on our apple trees

Hi everyone, Wednesday again! We’ll be here 2-5 with… the new shipment of organic OLIVE OIL!!! 

Also lettuce, braising mustard-kale mix, tuscan kale, plants… Seems like people are getting many of their plants needs met now.

We will keep seeding in cucumbers, lettuce, kale and some herb starts thru the season for succession plantings.

THIS SATURDAY we’ll be closed for my father’s 70th birthday party  : )  Happy Birthday!

Available soon will be peas (sugarsnap, snowpeas and shell peas), garlic scapes and maybe highbush blueberries!

See everyone Wed, 2-5 (today AND next week). Enjoy the sun. I hope it dries out enough to plant some stuff before the next rain comes…


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