Farm reminder for Saturday, Open 9-3


Birch Moon Farm, Shutesbury Center! We have BROCCOLI, kale (tuscan and red russian), lettuce, garlic scapes, organic olive oil (from extended family in Sparta, Greece, delicious oil), make-your-own salve kits (use the olive oil!), specialty hand creams (lavender, x-ema cream (made WITH the olive oil!)) and other body care products… and a few plants left. Winter squash and cucumber plants are the newest additions, pumpkins too. Tomatoes in 4inch pots only left.

Also there are great Farmers Markets in Shutesbury center and Wendell, and of course the biggy in Amherst! Support your local farmer, wherever they may be!

Enjoy the beautiful weather! Cash only. Open 9-3 rain or shine : ) blessings, sarah



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