Peas! Broccoli! Kale! Garlic scapes!

PEASStir fry, anyone? We even sell the oil!  We even grow the rice – but sorry, we don’t sell that.  😉  But we do have a lot of good stuff this week, if you’re up this way, come on by!

We’ll be open 10-3 today (Saturday) with:

snow peas $7/ quart (maybe some sugar snaps too)
broccoli  $3.50/bunch
kale $3/bunch
lettuce mix $8/lb
braising mix $8/lb
garlic scapes $3/bunch
organic Olea olive oil $36/ 3L tin
winter squash plants $1 each

thanks!  cash only. Have a good day!

I’m having trouble importing new pictures, so I’m reusing this pea photo AGAIN…


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