Saturday 10-3, with moments of self-serve-ness

calendula flower after a watering

Hi all, open tomorrow (Sat) 10-3 with sugarsnap and snow peas, kale, garlic scapes, braising mix and olive oil. Maybe a little broccoli early on. Have I mentioned recently we are all organic (uncertified but VERY organic)? I figured it’s worth mentioning again! We’re right down the hill from the Shutesbury Farmers Market, which runs 8:30-noon I think.


SOMETIMES SELF SERVE: Saturday I should be around MOST of the day BUT if I’m not right out front and you don’t see me around I’ll be leaving the stand self-serve, counting on the honor system.   This way I can get a little work done and you can still get your veggies!  I’ll leave a price list, feel free to take what you need and leave what is fair. It’s tricky since we are cash only, but there should be some change in there and we really appreciate your honesty. It will be right outside the house, in the usual spot next to the driveway, under the beech tree. If this works I’ll be able to be open a bit more, like maybe on Sundays, Mondays… we’ll see!


If you pre-ordered olive oil (more than a few tins) I’ll have those out, labelled with your name if I’m not around. Thanks.

Tulsi – Sacred Basil

Have a great weekend, hopefully including cooling baths in beautiful nearby waters, or splashes from a garden hose!


Blessings, sarah



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