OPEN today, Sat 10-3 and GMO talk

SONY DSCHello everyone, happy cloudy day. Hope I get the rest of my winter squash plants in today with this nice cloud cover, it’s starting to get a little LATE.

We’re OPEN today, 10-3, with 2 kinds of kale and a cooking greens mix (including chard, kale, broccolini, parsley…), sugar snap peas, first cabbages, organic Olea Estates olive oil (yum, the real deal), herbal bodycare products like lip balms, salves, lavender and x-ema creams and Salve-Making and Lip Balm kits. If it’s not too wet out I’ll put out my notecards, showing paintings of trees and flowers I painted in my past-life (before farming and Keith) as an artist. They are $2 each or 3 for $5

Also to note, Shutesbury Farmers Market is going on until noon.

And, Wheatberry Bakery in Amherst (mostly organic and local and I think the first GMO-free restaurant in the country possibly) has copies to lend of Genetic Roulette, an amazing documentary about genetically modified foods and how they affect us. Stop by the bakery and borrow a copy!

homegrown rice
our rice being threshed!

Corn, soy, sugar beets (any product that says “sugar” not organic, not evaporated cane juice, just “sugar” is made from GMO sugar beets), alfalfa, canola oil, papaya, cotton (not for eating but cottonseed oil?), now salmon, rice (they’re working on it) and wheat (accidentally spread, was thought to be destroyed when the GMO project was ended). Vegetable oil, french fries, salad dressings, candy, corn tortilla chips… all things to watch out for and DEFINITELY buy organic. It may seem like more money now, but WAY LESS if you factor in future medical bills and value of health and vibrancy. It’s something we should all look at and be aware of. We do feed ourselves every day, at least a few times!

Our theory is to buy direct from the growers as much as we can: our meat, milk, cheese, veggies and fruits (freezers are great, apples keep in a fridge) and grains (so many local grains grown around the Pioneer Valley) so that we know what is in our food. We buy less packaged and prepared food, which saves a LOT of money, to leave more for spending at the Farmers Market. With the internet now and a little planning you can look up almost any recipe you want to make and most ingredients you can buy locally at Farmer’s Markets or a few from us! I just learned that you can buy local organic “pork belly” and make bacon, in a pretty short time (of course I forget now because I didn’t do it right away, but I’ll ask again) maybe 3 days of salt & maple curing?) for half the price of buying organic bacon. Who knew?

Olea Estates organic extra virgin Olive Oil
Olea Estates organic extra virgin Olive Oil

Anyway, here’s to real eating. Thanks and happy eating, sarah

Blessings on your day, hope to see you at the farm soon!



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