open saturday 10-3, handmade shoes (sandals), empanadas

Hi there, we’ve got kale, cabbage, fresh garlic, swiss chard, parsley, olive oil today.

We’ll be self-serve off and on again today as I’ve got 16 (?) awesome family-folk visiting and we’ll be eating lunch together and making shoes! Today 6 of us will be making these sandals. How lucky is that that I have people in my own family that want to make fun (and functional) things together?

SONY DSCThis is an easy pair of sandals, inspired by a pair of Avarcas my cousin was wearing. Easy to make in a few hours!


This week I also learned how to make Colombian Empanadas, deep fried corn deliciousness usually filled with meat, peas, potatoes and spices ( I can’t eat potatoes so I used chickpeas, peas and the same spices).


I felt like a real Colombian  : )  Everyone worked together with Carlos Vives music in the background, it was really fun.


The corn grits were soaked for 2 days prior, then everything was mixed together to be spooned onto the rolled out corn-dough.

SONY DSCThen they are folded over and pressed into half-moons with the natural shape of your hand!

SONY DSC(I don’t usually like to use plastic but wow- it made it really easy to roll out and fold over!)


Today we’ll deep-fry them in organic sunflower oil and eat them with fresh-squeezed lime juice for our big lunch with other visiting Colombians. I believe rice and beans, Colombian-style will be on the menu as well. Did I mention my mother’s side is Colombian? It’s been a great visit, a little spanish, shoemaking, talking and lots of eating. I feel lucky to have such wonderful family. And such good cooks…



    1. Thanks Rachel, I am just doing a class with 5 and it’s going really great. I would love to do another. I need to stock up on some supplies first! I’ll post when I figure it out, or if you get some people together we can find a time that works. Blessings, sarah

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