carrots, sweet onions, CORN tomorrow!

2013-07-14 008Hi all,

carrots, walla-walla sweet onions, and yes, even a little sweet corn (!) will all be on the farmstand tomorrow, Saturday, 10-3. We’ll also have red cabbage, kale, fresh garlic, even a few beets, and maybe some broccoli. And delicious olive oil! Corn will sell out quick, it’s just starting to ripen, so come early!

Plants have been started for this year’s Winter greenhouse – kale, collards, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, arugula… (and we may have a few extra plants so I’ll be sure and post if we do). Carrots and beets will be direct-seeded.

Have a great weekend and enjoy these cool nights!

Remember we are a cash-only farm, plan ahead!  thanks!  

blessings, sarah



  1. As usual, the photograph is gorgeous! I’m hoping you will be featuring some jalapeños since ours got flooded out this year. We’d love to get a whole bunch.

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