also PEACHES, rosehips, elderberries and CORN

From Birch Moon Farm, Shutesbury Center:
Hi all, in addition to SWEET CORN, red and savoy cabbage, carrots, beets, kale, rainbow chard, sweet and red onions, broccoli, painted notecards, lip balms, and olive oil (all non-certified organic besides the notecards)
we also have salve-making kits (FUN), our own fresh picked PEACHES (limited supply),
rosa rugosa rosehips, fresh elderberries and echinacea flowers. I will gladly teach you how to make your own rosehip elderberry syrup as well, free of charge!SONY DSC
Also my son is selling quite a large box of mixed legos (including many special pieces like animals and people) for $25, trying to save up for a scooter : )
Our sign post rotted and fell down yesterday so I hung an open sing on the telephone poll – but we ARE open 10-3 today!
Hope to see you, thanks, sarah

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