Open WED 4-6pm peaches! corn! carrots!

BASICALLY, take last week’s post and re-read! Open tomorrow, Wednesday, 4-6pm, come by for amazing Shutesbury-grown food!SONY DSC

We have:  PEACHES, SWEET CORN, red and savoy cabbage, carrots, beets, kale, rainbow chard, sweet and red onions, broccoli, painted notecards, lip balms, and organic Olea XV olive oil.

We also have salve-making kits (FUN),
Rosa rugosa rosehips, fresh elderberries and echinacea flowers.
I will gladly teach you how to make your own rosehip elderberry syrup as well, free of charge!
Also my son is still selling a large box of mixed legos (including many special pieces like animals and people) for $25, trying to save up for a scooter.
If you are new to our farm and don’t know us, we are not certified but WAY organic and add lots of minerals to the soil, resulting in deeply SATISFYING food, food that has all (most anyway) of the minerals you need! Hope you can come by!

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