About us

Sunflower bee

We are farmers growing food,
selling family organic olive oil and
making shoes from scratch
(Farm Shoes Handmade).

I am VERY excited about teaching shoemaking. I do individual or small group classes making your own pair of SHOES from start to finish!

Birch Moon Herbals is now closed. Thank you to all my customers for 16 years of success & adventure making and selling organic bodycare products.

Right now I’m scheduling private shoemaking classes: 2-class-sessions, 3-4 hours each. Let me know by email farmshoeshandmade@gmail.com if you are interested! It’s lots of fun and very satisfying to make something you can wear daily!

About our FARM

Birch Moon Farm is in Shutesbury, MA, surrounded by birch trees and overlooking the beautiful Quabbin wilderness. We are Keith and Sarah, your growers. We grow everything organically, adding much to the soil in the way of minerals and compost. We are a solar-powered home and electric car drivers since 2002.

We still sell delicious Extra Virgin first cold-press organic olive oil from Olea Estates in Sparta, Greece ~ my extended family who has had organic olive oil production in the family for about 150 years. We sell it at the wholesale price ($40/tin cash only) and do not ship, so come and pick some up if you’re nearby!













  1. Hey Sarah,

    Great blog and site! Beautiful pictures and updates….I just signed the mailing list. I don’t get on e-cricket much these days so I haven’t seen the blog in a while but am glad to get it direct! Thanks,


  2. Hi Sarah
    I am putting together a Shutterfly book of the Fibershed show, need a picture of your boots. Do you have one you can send me? Otherwise I will take a picture at the show.
    thanks, Peggy

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