still have organic olive oil!

The NEW HARVEST of Olea Estates Organic Extra Virgin, first cold-press Olive Oil is in (no USDA Organic label this batch but same oil as always)!

Call us if you need to pick some up! $40 for a 3-L tin.

4I3 – eight0one – o1o1

We are a cash-only farm, no checks, no cards.
Thank you for planning ahead!




  1. Hi Sarah, Keith, and Quinn,
    It was lovely meeting you today, and seeing what you have done and are doing. It looks like a little piece of heaven on top of your hill!

    I just washed my spinach and lettuce and ate some, and it is terrific…no need for salad dressing or cooking.

    I’m happy to have discovered your farm…a source for inspiration and wonderful greens!

    Thank you!

    Linda Moore
    Orange, MA

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Finally got on your blog. When you get a chance email me.
    Looking forward to reading E’s latest publication.

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