what do we do here?

organic olive oil,
shoemaking (Farm Shoes),
herbal & dietary consulting,
make Birch Moon Herbals natural bodycare!

also building, solar, composting, lots of other things as all farmers do…

Currently I am scheduling classes for shoemaking. I do one-on-one teaching now and will be scheduling both a full-day, 9-hour, organic lunch included shoemaking day (for distance learners) as well as a 3 class session, 2-3 hours each, once a week for 3 weeks. Let me know by email sarah@farmshoes.com
if you are interested.
I will be scheduling for the new year, maybe a cozy class by the wood stove on a snowy Sunday in January?

Birch Moon Farm & Herbals is at the top of the hill in Shutesbury, MA, surrounded by birch trees and overlooking the beautiful Quabbin wilderness. We are Keith and Sarah, your growers. We grow everything organically, adding much to the soil in the way of minerals and compost.¬† Our vegetables and herbs are nutrient-dense, satisfying more than just your hunger! And we are a solar-powered home…

AND we sell delicious Extra Virgin first cold-press organic olive oil from Olea Estates in Sparta, Greece ~ my extended family who has had organic olive oil production in the family for about 150 years. We sell it at the wholesale price ($40/tin cash only) and do not ship, so come and pick some up if you’re nearby!

We have a beautiful flower garden as well as many medicinal herb gardens. Call or email to take a private class and learn to identify herbs, their uses, or make salves, hand cream, tinctures (extracts) or herb honeys. Whatever you’ve always wanted to learn about herbs and traditional herbal medicine, if we know it, we’re happy to teach you!

Sunflower bee

Why Sign up?

You will hear about shoemaking, my new passion, and hear about upcoming classes and availablity of handmade shoes, custom-fitted to your foot!

We will be sharing activities that go on at our farm, say for example planting seedlings or Winter greenhouse experiences, or how to make your own compost tea digester (“the worm”). Maybe info about our animals, treating them whol-istically (treating the whole being) with herbs, diet and lifestyle changes. You will see MANY photos as I LOVE taking pictures, especially with my new macro lens¬† : )


As an herbalist I make our medicine, so there will be herbal recipes for yummy immune-boosting foods and drinks, as well as recipes for salves, lip balms, extracts… I’d like to share step-by-step photos of making lip balms, hand-cream and maybe shoes – things that are fun and important that are hard to just dive in and try on your own. Hopefully videos if I really get crazy…

That’s not all, but we’ll start there








2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hey Sarah,

    Great blog and site! Beautiful pictures and updates….I just signed the mailing list. I don’t get on e-cricket much these days so I haven’t seen the blog in a while but am glad to get it direct! Thanks,


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