Olive oil- fresh batch!

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Hi everyone! Long time no update, but all’s well here on the farm up on the hill. Hope you’re all healthy and taking good care of yourselves. I’m so excited to have my hands in the soil again or to just be outside~ biking, walking or kayaking, every possible day.

kayaking at Leverett Pond

We just got in this years’ batch of Organic Olea extra virgin olive oil and it’s delicious. It’s still $40/ tin from us, cash only! Email me at farmshoeshandmade (at) gmail (dot) com to schedule a pickup, or leave a message at 413-259-1183 and I’ll call you back (might take a few days but I will…) Happy to do outside, contact-free shopping, or whatever people are comfortable with. I do miss seeing those of you we haven’t seen in awhile, and appreciate all of you that restock regularly! Getting this olive oil from George and our (very) extended family in Greece has been such a blessing. I can’t imagine buying olive oil at the store anymore and trusting where it comes from. So grateful.

basil plants waiting for warmer days

We started our basil in mid-Feb and carry the pots in and out of the house every day/every cold wind/rain since we are without a good greenhouse temporarily. My husband just built a 12′ flower bed that he can wheel into the house! I’d show a picture but the house itself is a bit messy right now, lol. Our onions, lettuce, garlic, kale and peas are in and doing well. We pre-sprout our peas inside, this year for just a day too long (you have to time it with rains coming and I was a little off…) but they are doing great and sending their green shoots up!

peas waiting to be covered with soil

We wont have any plants for sale this year, but for ourselves are buying whatever we need at either Atlas Farm in Deerfield or Andrew’s Greenhouse in Amherst (amazing annual flower selection). I remember a sweet woman at the Amherst Farmers Market as well, so we’ll go there too. We’d always love ideas of other local places to buy veggie, herb and flower starts! Feel free to leave them in the comments for other people to see.

Some of you know I have been making shoes for the last 10+ years and leading classes – I haven’t done anything for the last year but am hoping to run some outdoor strappy sandal classes this summer, so let me know if you are interested or want to be on the list. Or check my Instagram @farmshoeshandmade .
My Birch Moon Herbals bodycare products are now a closed chapter and I’m on to new adventures!

sandal style possibilities are endless…

Contact us for olive oil anytime. We don’t deliver or ship but are pretty flexible about when you can come to the farm, cash in hand! We’re still up on the hill in Shutesbury Center, just a couple houses down from the library. Please call/email before coming. Thanks so much and very happy Spring to everyone.

Blessings, Sarah

the other farm dog, Mr. Bunny


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