OPEN Wed 12-6, Sat 9-1

Hi everyone, just a quick email today to say we’re OPEN today (Wed) 12-6 pm with lettuce heads, rhubarb and MESCLUN mix!!

We’ll be open Sat as well, 9am-1 pm most likely (still waiting to hear if there really IS a March Against Monsanto in Amherst at 2PM or if it’s only in Springfield/Chicopee/ Boston…. as well as ALL OVER the rest of the world, pretty amazing. Wouldn’t it be neat if WE ALL went and just SO MANY people showed up? I do think voting with your dollar is the BEST way to march against them, and you can do that daily, but anyway…)

Hope to see you!  blessings!  happy rain! 

SONY DSCps – I apologize in advance for the BARKY welcome you will get when you come over – Milo still thinks everyone is trying to eat her. She will not bite but will bark you to death. I’ll try to keep her inside, as always when we’re open, but sometimes it just happens. She’s very sweet once she relaxes… and luckily she’s small so it’s less scary than a giant dog barking… but still, I’m sorry. We are working on it with her. She was horribly tortured as a puppy, before we got her (obviously) and has come a long way already.


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