Shoemaking workshop with Sharon of

From Sharon, of Simpleshoemaking, for those of you interested in learning how to make shoes (even if you don’t have little kids, it’s a great way to make a first pair of shoes and learn the basics. This is how I started!  It’s really worth it just for the book and video… but to get her individual attention is amazing.

Feel free to pass along to anyone who may be interested! See below:

I’ll be hanging up this flyer on local telephone poles! Wish you could attend!

Learn to Make “First Walkers”!

Children’s Shoemaking Workshop
Why make your children’s shoes? Well, they’d be locally-made, not in some distant and possibly unhealthy factory. You can select the materials – recycled leather, cloth, non-petroleum-based soling… You can express your individuality and that of your child by the design and embellishment choices you make. You can assure your child has healthy footwear – with flexible soling, no heel and a wide toe area, as close to being barefoot as possible. And, they are sure to cost a lot less!
Saturday, July 13
10:00 – 2:00
price includes pdf book How to Make Simple Shoes for Children and children’s shoemaking online video
for further information contact:
Sharon Raymond
145 Baker Road (location for workshop)
Shutesbury, Ma. 01072


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